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12 de dez de 2014

WL - English / Uma volta ao mundo!

Hello ~

The first post on languages will be in English! Because it is a global language and believe many people from other countries should also understand a little ...

In this first post i want to talk a little about my dream.
Always wanted to visit other countries and learn their culture, but that dream is still a bit far reaching ...
Can i tell you a secret ... i want to learn 10 languages in my life goal, it is a bit funny but i believe that nothing is impossible if i try, and this is not an impossible thing, only requires time, long time haha
At the same, a round the world will help a lot in practice the languages i want to learn and still hold my dream to travel to many countries!
It costs nothing to dream a little is not it? And there are still many things i want to do in life, i hope i can do and accomplish many goals that are yet to come.
In fact, already realized many things i did not expect and i surprise myself for having been able to do things that they thought was impossible. Can be an incentive or a council; go after your dreams and reach goals, reach your happiness!

Move on! ;D

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